Soul ties

So many people especially ladies are still connected to an Ex fantasizing about the nice times they had spent together. When they remember the lovely moments, even though they smile at such memories, they end up shedding tears or regretting their actions all over again…a part of their Ex is still with them, they have refused to let go completely!

 They wish and pray the relationship is restored. They cringe when anyone mentions his/her name.

When they see that Ex, their heartbeat fastens in fear or excitement.


Evn when another proposal came, you kept comparing such Ex with every suitor and feel he isn’t up to the standard. For how long will you hold on to the past?
Till forever?

Why put new wine in old bottle?

Don’t you know if he/she broke the relationship, you broke the relationship or maybe the relationship ended forcefully by whatever circumstance, you are to forget and not look back?

If the other party is not feeling the pain of the heartbreak where he/she is, why should you cry and hurt alone?
Why are you at the receiving end?

You broke up a relationship and barely a month after, your Ex has dusted him/herself up and has conveniently commenced another relationship, it shows over and over, that you are the one still holding on while the other party has moved on.

One week
One month
One year

You are still missing him/her?
Still wishing he/she comes back to you?

and you say you are still in love with him/her?


My admonition to you is to break that soul tie. When a relationship ends, please cut off all soul tie.

Remove the pet name (crown, honey, sweetie etc) you saved his/her contact with on your phone or diary.

Remove or give out their gifts if it will continuously remind you about them. There is nothing you need their pictures for again

Pray out the residual love you have for him/her from your conscious and subconscious mind.

Rid your heart off him/her by occupying your heart and time with songs, prayer, humanitarian services, trainings and stuffs that count
Pamper yourself

Be happy.

Remember this, if he/she really loves you, they won’t make you cry – that’s the truth!

See, dear hurting one, the decision to love and not to love again solely lies in your hands.

If you chose to keep hurting, it’s your choice.
But I will rather advice you to cut of all soul ties, consciously and deliberately decide to stop loving them – that is the first step to your healing!

Take your burdens to the Lord and LEAVE IT THERE instead of carrying about the heavy weight of worry, hurt and sleepless nights.

Will you be able to do without him?…yes you will!
Will you be able to love some else as much as you love her?…assuredly yes!
Will you be able to trust another guy/lady?…very much possible

Only if you cut that soul tie!

There has been record of reunion after some weeks , months or years of breakup, if it happens that your Ex comes back begging for you to resume your relationship, kudos to you! You can start up the relationship if you are not hooked up by the time he/she returns.

BUT PLEASE, before you start off, bring up the issue of contention that caused the break up, thrash it well and be sure it won’t spring up again  to cause another breakup.

And please note, if after every breakup, a particular partner keeps coming back and  meets you readily available, it might become a routine of breakup-reunion, which is usually straining!. You have to prevent playing a second fiddle for an unstable man/lady who is on and off.





Sitting in the living room ,watching film with others this evening something dropped into my heart that I thought to share here.

After the chores and dinner, we decided to watch film and my girl inserted Korean love film – You know all these love film that will have like 8seasons.


And then I remembered how I use to watch it so well during my singles days…praying for the good character to be favoured…praying that the evil/deceptive character should meet her waterloo. Praying and binding on top film!

I asked few questions from my girl cos she has previously watched the film before… And she was putting me through to the best of her knowledge.

O my my…those days I had the luxury of time. But now not anymore. I eventually stood up after few minutes cos I had to prepare my kids for bed.

Now to the lessons the Holy Spirit gave to me for SETsters…

You all know there is a film writer at the back ground
There is a scripts/storyline
And there is definitely gonna be an end


Now follow me closely,
Do you know the film writer and the film director had it all planned out?…their is a path and there is an end, there is a template which the film director must follow irrespective of if it’s bad or good story line. Writer, editor and all the crew involved including the makeup artist follow the script as much as possible.


Also, my girl has a knowledge of the story line and thus could put me through while watching the film? She differentiated personalities and roles when I almost got confused.

If could ask her “Is this not the groom “? she corrected and told me its the groom’s sibling instead.
“Where is this then?”… ” this is the grooms father’s office”…OK I get now!

…That was how useful she was during the brief period I was present to watch the film. If she wasn’t there, I would definitely get it on my own but not easily or rapidly.

√√ Beloved, you have to recognize and accept the fact that there is an higher authority, a master planner, a master builder, God almighty who is concerned about your entire life, who has a script well written!

He has it all planned out and it will end well in Jesus name.

All you need do is give your life to Christ, believe in Him, trust Him more than ever before.
He will bring His plan and purpose to pass in your life only if you are truly willing for Him to pattern and orchestrate your life according to His choice.

Take note; He doesn’t struggle with an unwilling vessel.

God knows the best way to bring His perfect plan to fulfilment. You have to trust and obey every of His injunction that you will get through the Holy Spirit and through the word of God.

√√ Moreover, there is the place of counsellors, mentors, spiritual leaders and biological parents and by the grace of God, a godly group like this(SINGLES, ENGAGED AND ABOUT TO MARRY) – which you can’t shun. They are placed there on your destiny path to aid you.

Do not underestimate their role in your life. Just make sure he/she will guide you aright jot someone that will push you into a wrong marriage.

Take note that I said, my girl has previously watched the film and so I was able to ask her questions along the line.

God has placed godly counsellors along the line who will talk from their personal experience, their interactions with other people and much more as the Holy Spirit inspires them.

All in all, let the Master planner orchestrate His plan for you.
Let the “Almighty Director” lead and guide you…to your safe haven and a home of marital Bliss.


We are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. Worthy of discuss today is d story of garden of eden which I want us to learn from.

Friends, roommate, a particular course mate, prayer partner and most especially marriage partner have from small to huge role to play on our destiny journey and can make/mar our relationship with God.

Garden of Eden…. Is a place of rest, a place of purpose and a place of superb intimacy with God.



Adam was fulfilling purpose in the garden of eden until…. He expelled himself and family out of that beautiful habitation.

Beloved, be careful of those you allow to partner with you and those you partner with. Some you can decide/chose… Some you can reject…. Some you of them you can chose again if you realize you are not comfortable with them… While some you can’t replace.

If you partner with a person who will push you out of the garden of Eden…. You know what you stand to lose… You lose many things and gain nothing!




Now to marital relationships….

Single sisters/married women… pray well and build up yourself in the most holy faith so that you don’t push your Adam out of his garden of Eden.
You are his helpmeet
be a plus to that marriage not minus.
be a star and not a thorn
Be a counsellor and not a confusionist

Single brothers/married men… Pray well, chose well, be watchful and don’t allow a woman push you out of that beautiful habitation.
The great intimacy you have with your heavenly Father, please cherish and sustain.

If you are in a relationship(marital/non-marital) and your priorities become misplaced… Your spiritual temperature declines…. Your spiritual power decrease…. Your dedication/zeal fizzles out then you know something is wrong either with you or your partner.

If each time you leave your partner, you feel guilty or you have to confess and ask for forgiveness cos of gossip, filthy talking, fornication, lies and so on…. Then you should know that you are already out of the garden of eden. If not sooner or later, you will finally be out.


We need partners that will sustain the father/child relationship we’ve been having with God before they came into our lives

We want to remain close to God…
We want partners that will make us fulfil purpose and together we get to that promised land.
It’s possible!

Rachel Ogunsanwo




Olowogbogboro showed himself great in a family’s life this week. It’s a miracle of the century.

Help me shout halleluyah

Of course it ended in praise.


Following the antenatal care and several advice that has been given to the pregnant wife which she adhered to- this lady got into labour and by the time she got to the hospital, she was 8cm dilated.

She tried o!



that’s pretty good!

you can say that again and again.

But alas, the labour continued several hours but the baby couldn’t come out. They waited and waited, then the hubby informed some people, not more than 8 who stood in gap with the family.

The prayer and labour continued for ten hours when by the leading of the spirit, the least in age (though with the highest anointing) declared…let us all begin praying in tongues.

We all began the praying in the spirit in different part of the country where we were located.

And a miracle happened!

Ask me how?

Due to the pain and the fact that the head of the baby had changed direction, the surgeons in that teaching hospital suggested a caesarean birth after more than twelve hours of serious excruciating labour…which the wife and husband eventually agreed to.

Not aware that a chain prayer was on for them…the doctors prepared the woman for surgery and wheeled her to the theatre. 

On getting to the entrance of the theatre, what happened that evening was shocking to all present. The theatre door refuse to open despite all they did. While they were still trying to fix and get themselves into the ward for the caeserean operation – lo and behold…blood gush out on it’s own accord and the baby popped out.


isn’t the Lord great?

Praises to master Jesus.

Of a truth, God specializes in miracle.

Why spend that much, why worry, why carry your burden alone, why go through that pain when Christ has paid the price for you…

keep trusting!

And it will surely end in praise.




He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.

God is good. We are serving a living God. He has wonderful, beautiful plan for all his children. He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.

Of a truth, people pray but do they pray right? If they do, do they persist in such prayers. If they persist, do they pray in faith?

These and many questions are what you should ask yourself. So that after this prayer, you will get your miracle.

Those that have used one or more of these prayer requests have given me their testimonies. To the glory of God, latest had been a year after my counselling session with them.Trust Him, trust His word.

Beloved, Keep praying, keep trusting!

Rachel Ogunsanwo



Bless the name of the Lord…worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. He kept you this long seeing you through different stages of your life up till a marriageable age. He is worthy to be praised.

Here am I lord…search me dear Lord and see if there be any wicked way in me. purge me from any wicked or bad behaviour that can disqualify me from getting a genuine child of God as a helpmeet.

I ask for your wisdom dear lord regarding marital decisions. I don’t want to act amiss. I don’t want to trust in my own understanding. I trust in your choice for me- that is why I am committing my marriage into your hands now.

Work in me o lord…work in my partner so as to be compatible. I want a relationship filled with love, joy and understanding of each other. Where there will be trust, submission and mutual respect.

I pray and desire for a partner that has the fear of God…love God and the things of God. I reject a pretender/backslider/agent from the pit of hell from engaging me

I reject every time waster, destiny destroyer from my path in Jesus name.

Let my union be a purposeful and fruitful to the glory of your name.





Appreciate the Lord for making you a woman/man.

Search my heart o lord…and forgive me whatever sin, ways in which I have lusted after …….(insert his name) or  loved this guy/lady more than you my Lord and my God.

O Lord my father, I hand over completely every area of my life most especially marriage/relationship matters. I don’t want to deceive myself, waste my time or end up disappointed.

I know of myself I can do nothing. So, lord, with regards this love matter, I know I am gonna fumble using my own wisdom, that is why I am trusting you to lead me right.

Remove the lust/crush/infatuation/lust that I have in my heart for ………………..(insert his/her name). I want to be free from the web of lust consciously and subconsciously.

Lord, remove the seed and root of lust from my heart…let my heart be free from lusting after him.

Lord help me, that I may distant myself from time wasters, destiny hijackers and all relationship fraudsters!

Lord please at the right/ripe/due time connect and divinely place within me deep and sincere love and vice versa for my life partner.





After serious and deep thanksgiving that connects you to the throne of mercy you can then begin your prayer (you can as well sing this song as many times until you connect to God).

Tell God to teach your spirit man to pray. Ask God to strengthen your mortal body to pray. Tell him to hearken to your cries and pleas.

Lord lead me to my second half and connect him/her to me. Bring me close to my destiny partner and help meet and keep me far from every destiny truncator.

Lord remove every evil covering from me, anything hoarding me and hindering your son/daughter to see me, propose or accept my proposal. Let your blood that washes white as snow make me clean.

I rebuke every form of fear or irritation that is making him scared of proposing or going to the altar with me…or that is making her delay in accepting my proposal in Jesus name.

Let the fire from heaven descend and consume and destroy every generational curse delaying and denying me of marital joy or fulfillment.

Lord sharpen my spiritual antenna to know when you are leading me. Open my spiritual eyes, let me recognize him/her. Open my heart so as to love him/her.

I ask for grace to overcome every evil trap and bait. I come against every form of marital confusion. I decree and declare that your grace, mercy, favour will speak for me on this matter.















Thank the Lord for leading you into this relationship. Bless His holy name for leading you to the bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh, destiny partner and better half.

Thank God for how far He has helped you and how far he will take you in your courtship.

Commit your journey into God’s hand, trust also in Him and He shall bring to pass great things. As both of you contribute towards the success of the marriage, God Himself will give the increase

Pray that God will make you chase ten thousand…spiritually, physically, financially. Your union shall give more than double output.

O lord the revealer of secrets… open my ears, eyes, heart to detect any pretence before I proceed to the altar.

In our union, lord we call on you to be our Saviour, Provider, Healer, Succour, Teacher our ALL IN ALL

Provide for our wedding. Our attire, feeding and all other necessities we need to put in place for thewedding ceremony and the marriage.

Father Lord, protect us and all family members before, during and after our wedding ceremony from every evil arrow. Deliver us from evil.








Often times, sisters will think within themselves, say it out, worry, weep in despair pray passionately about the fact that “bro” has not shown face.

“Bro has not shown face o”!
“no guy has proposed”!
“I am expecting”
“I am praying” 
lots and lots of complains, anxiety on premarital issues.




The truth is… Most times though not all the time, when a sister delays before marrying or let’s us say before getting proposal, it is most probably because our dear brother is furthering in his studies and hence the assumed delay. some other rguy might not even be studying but rather making more money or building more investment such that he will be ready made before venturing into marriage.

It could also be because there is one or more attitudinal or barbaric character that God wants him to denounce or shed off… Especially in this era, where we  hear all sort of strange things, it’s pathetic to hear marriage crashing  after few hours, days or week. So wait, let God do the shaking and pruning. let God work on his manners, his emotions and also his will, so that the man you marry can be a good husband to you, good father to your children, good head, leader, priest, provider and protector.

Listen, it is not only about proposal anymore,  it is now about a good purposeful proposal that will lead into a blissful marriage.

Moreover, God might be restructuring, panel beating, repackaging the guy for the great anointing, gift and talent you carry…Wait, let God increase the brother’s capacity to accommodate and carry your great purpose!

Can you see that it actually worth the wait.
It surely is!


The onus thereafter lies on you- as the sister- to be prepared and well ready for that wonderfully prepared partner.

After you have prayed and the Lord says, “my daughter wait” – Just obey!

God is pruning or enriching the brother on his end – and also working on you.

However long it takes, whatever transpire during the waiting time, just make sure your words and actions are positively inclined and mixed with faith.

Please don’t because of rush, impatience, envy, competition, go for a fake or substandard product, the real and genuine one is almost here.

You have need of patience…and faith!




waiting time…preparing time

waiting time…praying time and when i mean praying, i mean prayers not game playing.

waiting time NOT worrying time.

People testify (spinsters and bachelors), thanking God they waited. You will too!


can you say you’re rich?

hello dear Mr rich, Mrs rich, Miss rich!All those sacrifices and selfless contributions to kingdom business is yielding interest and being stored per time. They cannot go down the drain.

hello dear Mr rich, Mrs rich, Miss rich!



did i hear you say, “i am not rich?”

Maybe you are, even though you think you are not.

Dictionary/google definition of wealth says abundance of valuable possession or money. Even though the  money could be in raw cash, saved in bank or right in your pocket, you are still rich by wordly standard.

But, bible definition of riches/wealth is not about what is in the account or what you are worth or what you have invested. Rather, it is what you can store up their in heaven, where moth nor rust can destroy.

so, if you have no money in your account but you can stand in the gap interceeding for someone in prayers…my dear you have a valuable possession stored for you.

your cups of cold water given in Jesus name..

the school fees of a kid you pay

the basket of cloth you pass across to that person

piles of  textbooks you shared/handed over to a colleague or junior colleaugue are all adding up step by step day by day.

using your gifts, trading your talent, birthing a baby and nurturing that child in the way of the Lord is a big time investment that will surely bring reward.

All those sacrifices and selfless contributions to kingdom business is yielding interest and being stored per time. They cannot go down the drain.

Don’t only thrive to be a rich business tycoon, also store up treasures above.




keep trading!

keep stocking!

keep piling them up!

you will receive the reward if you faint nor get wearied.



i believe you now agree that you are rich…not necessarily by worldly standard but by God’s own standard.