Often times, sisters will think within themselves, say it out, or cry out in worry or prayers about the fact that “bro” has not shown face.

“Bro has not shown face o”!
“Brother has not proposed”!
“I am expecting”
“I am praying o”




The truth is… Most times though not all the time when a sister delays before marrying or lemme say before getting proposal, it is most probably because our dear brother is studying more or making more money or having more investment and then wanna be ready made before venturing into marriage.

It could also be because there is one or more attitudunal or barbaric character that God wants him to denounce or shed off… Especially in this era, where we  hear all sort of strange things, it’s pathetic to hear marriage crashing  after few hours, days or week. So wait, let God do the shaking and pruning.

Moreover, God might be restructuring, panelbeating, repackaging the brother for the great anointing, gift and talent you carry…Wait, let God increase the brother’s capacity!

Can you see that it actually worth the wait.
It surely is!


The onus thereafter lies on you- as the sister- to be prepared and well ready for that wonderfully prepared brother.

After you have prayed and the Lord says, “my daughter wait”. Then God is pruning or enriching the brother – you the sister – or even both of you.

However how long, whatever transpire during the waiting time, just make sure your words and actions are positive and that of faith.





waiting time…preparing time

waiting time…praying time and when i mean praying, i mean prayers not game playing.

waiting time NOT worrying time.

People testify (spinsters and bachelors), thanking God they waited. You will too!



Author: myhavillah

Wife, mother, author, artiste, counselor. a veterinary doctor and a researcher too. I love to use my personal stories, anonymous true life stories, fictions and inspirations I get per time to encourage someONE -and that someone could be you! you can as well ask questions or chat me up for your premarital counselling. shallom!

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