Olowogbogboro showed himself great in a family’s life this week. It’s a miracle of the century.

Help me shout halleluyah

Of course it ended in praise.


Following the antenatal care and several advice that has been given to the pregnant wife which she adhered to- this lady got into labour and by the time she got to the hospital, she was 8cm dilated.

She tried o!



that’s pretty good!

you can say that again and again.

But alas, the labour continued several hours but the baby couldn’t come out. They waited and waited, then the hubby informed some people, not more than 8 who stood in gap with the family.

The prayer and labour continued for ten hours when by the leading of the spirit, the least in age (though with the highest anointing) declared…let us all begin praying in tongues.

We all began the praying in the spirit in different part of the country where we were located.

And a miracle happened!

Ask me how?

Due to the pain and the fact that the head of the baby had changed direction, the surgeons in that teaching hospital suggested a caesarean birth after more than twelve hours of serious excruciating labour…which the wife and husband eventually agreed to.

Not aware that a chain prayer was on for them…the doctors prepared the woman for surgery and wheeled her to the theatre. 

On getting to the entrance of the theatre, what happened that evening was shocking to all present. The theatre door refuse to open despite all they did. While they were still trying to fix and get themselves into the ward for the caeserean operation – lo and behold…blood gush out on it’s own accord and the baby popped out.


isn’t the Lord great?

Praises to master Jesus.

Of a truth, God specializes in miracle.

Why spend that much, why worry, why carry your burden alone, why go through that pain when Christ has paid the price for you…

keep trusting!

And it will surely end in praise.




Author: myhavillah

Wife, mother, author, artiste, counselor. a veterinary doctor and a researcher too. I love to use my personal stories, anonymous true life stories, fictions and inspirations I get per time to encourage someONE -and that someone could be you! you can as well ask questions or chat me up for your premarital counselling. shallom!

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