We are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. Worthy of discuss today is d story of garden of eden which I want us to learn from.

Friends, roommate, a particular course mate, prayer partner and most especially marriage partner have from small to huge role to play on our destiny journey and can make/mar our relationship with God.

Garden of Eden…. Is a place of rest, a place of purpose and a place of superb intimacy with God.



Adam was fulfilling purpose in the garden of eden until…. He expelled himself and family out of that beautiful habitation.

Beloved, be careful of those you allow to partner with you and those you partner with. Some you can decide/chose… Some you can reject…. Some you of them you can chose again if you realize you are not comfortable with them… While some you can’t replace.

If you partner with a person who will push you out of the garden of Eden…. You know what you stand to lose… You lose many things and gain nothing!




Now to marital relationships….

Single sisters/married women… pray well and build up yourself in the most holy faith so that you don’t push your Adam out of his garden of Eden.
You are his helpmeet
be a plus to that marriage not minus.
be a star and not a thorn
Be a counsellor and not a confusionist

Single brothers/married men… Pray well, chose well, be watchful and don’t allow a woman push you out of that beautiful habitation.
The great intimacy you have with your heavenly Father, please cherish and sustain.

If you are in a relationship(marital/non-marital) and your priorities become misplaced… Your spiritual temperature declines…. Your spiritual power decrease…. Your dedication/zeal fizzles out then you know something is wrong either with you or your partner.

If each time you leave your partner, you feel guilty or you have to confess and ask for forgiveness cos of gossip, filthy talking, fornication, lies and so on…. Then you should know that you are already out of the garden of eden. If not sooner or later, you will finally be out.


We need partners that will sustain the father/child relationship we’ve been having with God before they came into our lives

We want to remain close to God…
We want partners that will make us fulfil purpose and together we get to that promised land.
It’s possible!

Rachel Ogunsanwo


Author: myhavillah

Wife, mother, author, artiste, counselor. a veterinary doctor and a researcher too. I love to use my personal stories, anonymous true life stories, fictions and inspirations I get per time to encourage someONE -and that someone could be you! you can as well ask questions or chat me up for your premarital counselling. shallom!

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