Sitting in the living room ,watching film with others this evening something dropped into my heart that I thought to share here.

After the chores and dinner, we decided to watch film and my girl inserted Korean love film – You know all these love film that will have like 8seasons.


And then I remembered how I use to watch it so well during my singles days…praying for the good character to be favoured…praying that the evil/deceptive character should meet her waterloo. Praying and binding on top film!

I asked few questions from my girl cos she has previously watched the film before… And she was putting me through to the best of her knowledge.

O my my…those days I had the luxury of time. But now not anymore. I eventually stood up after few minutes cos I had to prepare my kids for bed.

Now to the lessons the Holy Spirit gave to me for SETsters…

You all know there is a film writer at the back ground
There is a scripts/storyline
And there is definitely gonna be an end


Now follow me closely,
Do you know the film writer and the film director had it all planned out?…their is a path and there is an end, there is a template which the film director must follow irrespective of if it’s bad or good story line. Writer, editor and all the crew involved including the makeup artist follow the script as much as possible.


Also, my girl has a knowledge of the story line and thus could put me through while watching the film? She differentiated personalities and roles when I almost got confused.

If could ask her “Is this not the groom “? she corrected and told me its the groom’s sibling instead.
“Where is this then?”… ” this is the grooms father’s office”…OK I get now!

…That was how useful she was during the brief period I was present to watch the film. If she wasn’t there, I would definitely get it on my own but not easily or rapidly.

√√ Beloved, you have to recognize and accept the fact that there is an higher authority, a master planner, a master builder, God almighty who is concerned about your entire life, who has a script well written!

He has it all planned out and it will end well in Jesus name.

All you need do is give your life to Christ, believe in Him, trust Him more than ever before.
He will bring His plan and purpose to pass in your life only if you are truly willing for Him to pattern and orchestrate your life according to His choice.

Take note; He doesn’t struggle with an unwilling vessel.

God knows the best way to bring His perfect plan to fulfilment. You have to trust and obey every of His injunction that you will get through the Holy Spirit and through the word of God.

√√ Moreover, there is the place of counsellors, mentors, spiritual leaders and biological parents and by the grace of God, a godly group like this(SINGLES, ENGAGED AND ABOUT TO MARRY) – which you can’t shun. They are placed there on your destiny path to aid you.

Do not underestimate their role in your life. Just make sure he/she will guide you aright jot someone that will push you into a wrong marriage.

Take note that I said, my girl has previously watched the film and so I was able to ask her questions along the line.

God has placed godly counsellors along the line who will talk from their personal experience, their interactions with other people and much more as the Holy Spirit inspires them.

All in all, let the Master planner orchestrate His plan for you.
Let the “Almighty Director” lead and guide you…to your safe haven and a home of marital Bliss.


Author: myhavillah

Wife, mother, author, artiste, counselor. a veterinary doctor and a researcher too. I love to use my personal stories, anonymous true life stories, fictions and inspirations I get per time to encourage someONE -and that someone could be you! you can as well ask questions or chat me up for your premarital counselling. shallom!

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