He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.


God is good. We are serving a living God. He has wonderful, beautiful plan for all his children. He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.

Of a truth, people pray but do they pray right? If they do, do they persist in such prayers. If they persist, do they pray in faith?

These and many questions are what you should ask yourself. So that after this prayer, you will get your miracle.

Those that have used one or more of these prayer requests have given me their testimonies. To the glory of God, latest had been a year after my counselling session with them.Trust Him, trust His word.

Beloved, Keep praying, keep trusting!

Rachel Ogunsanwo



Bless the name of the Lord…worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. He kept you this long seeing you through different stages of your life up till a marriageable age. He is worthy to be praised.

Here am I lord…search me dear Lord and see if there be any wicked way in me. purge me from any wicked or bad behaviour that can disqualify me from getting a genuine child of God as a helpmeet.

I ask for your wisdom dear lord regarding marital decisions. I don’t want to act amiss. I don’t want to trust in my own understanding. I trust in your choice for me- that is why I am committing my marriage into your hands now.

Work in me o lord…work in my partner so as to be compatible. I want a relationship filled with love, joy and understanding of each other. Where there will be trust, submission and mutual respect.

I pray and desire for a partner that has the fear of God…love God and the things of God. I reject a pretender/backslider/agent from the pit of hell from engaging me

I reject every time waster, destiny destroyer from my path in Jesus name.

Let my union be a purposeful and fruitful to the glory of your name.





Appreciate the Lord for making you a woman/man.

Search my heart o lord…and forgive me whatever sin, ways in which I have lusted after …….(insert his name) or  loved this guy/lady more than you my Lord and my God.

O Lord my father, I hand over completely every area of my life most especially marriage/relationship matters. I don’t want to deceive myself, waste my time or end up disappointed.

I know of myself I can do nothing. So, lord, with regards this love matter, I know I am gonna fumble using my own wisdom, that is why I am trusting you to lead me right.

Remove the lust/crush/infatuation/lust that I have in my heart for ………………..(insert his/her name). I want to be free from the web of lust consciously and subconsciously.

Lord, remove the seed and root of lust from my heart…let my heart be free from lusting after him.

Lord help me, that I may distant myself from time wasters, destiny hijackers and all relationship fraudsters!

Lord please at the right/ripe/due time connect and divinely place within me deep and sincere love and vice versa for my life partner.





After serious and deep thanksgiving that connects you to the throne of mercy you can then begin your prayer (you can as well sing this song as many times until you connect to God).

Tell God to teach your spirit man to pray. Ask God to strengthen your mortal body to pray. Tell him to hearken to your cries and pleas.

Lord lead me to my second half and connect him/her to me. Bring me close to my destiny partner and help meet and keep me far from every destiny truncator.

Lord remove every evil covering from me, anything hoarding me and hindering your son/daughter to see me, propose or accept my proposal. Let your blood that washes white as snow make me clean.

I rebuke every form of fear or irritation that is making him scared of proposing or going to the altar with me…or that is making her delay in accepting my proposal in Jesus name.

Let the fire from heaven descend and consume and destroy every generational curse delaying and denying me of marital joy or fulfillment.

Lord sharpen my spiritual antenna to know when you are leading me. Open my spiritual eyes, let me recognize him/her. Open my heart so as to love him/her.

I ask for grace to overcome every evil trap and bait. I come against every form of marital confusion. I decree and declare that your grace, mercy, favour will speak for me on this matter.















Thank the Lord for leading you into this relationship. Bless His holy name for leading you to the bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh, destiny partner and better half.

Thank God for how far He has helped you and how far he will take you in your courtship.

Commit your journey into God’s hand, trust also in Him and He shall bring to pass great things. As both of you contribute towards the success of the marriage, God Himself will give the increase

Pray that God will make you chase ten thousand…spiritually, physically, financially. Your union shall give more than double output.

O lord the revealer of secrets… open my ears, eyes, heart to detect any pretence before I proceed to the altar.

In our union, lord we call on you to be our Saviour, Provider, Healer, Succour, Teacher our ALL IN ALL

Provide for our wedding. Our attire, feeding and all other necessities we need to put in place for thewedding ceremony and the marriage.

Father Lord, protect us and all family members before, during and after our wedding ceremony from every evil arrow. Deliver us from evil.








Often times, sisters will think within themselves, say it out, worry, weep in despair pray passionately about the fact that “bro” has not shown face.

“Bro has not shown face o”!
“no guy has proposed”!
“Still waiting.com”
“I am expecting”
“I am praying” 
lots and lots of complains, anxiety on premarital issues.




The truth is… Most times though not all the time, when a sister delays before marrying or let’s us say before getting proposal, it is most probably because our dear brother is furthering in his studies and hence the assumed delay. some other rguy might not even be studying but rather making more money or building more investment such that he will be ready made before venturing into marriage.

It could also be because there is one or more attitudinal or barbaric character that God wants him to denounce or shed off… Especially in this era, where we  hear all sort of strange things, it’s pathetic to hear marriage crashing  after few hours, days or week. So wait, let God do the shaking and pruning. let God work on his manners, his emotions and also his will, so that the man you marry can be a good husband to you, good father to your children, good head, leader, priest, provider and protector.

Listen, it is not only about proposal anymore,  it is now about a good purposeful proposal that will lead into a blissful marriage.

Moreover, God might be restructuring, panel beating, repackaging the guy for the great anointing, gift and talent you carry…Wait, let God increase the brother’s capacity to accommodate and carry your great purpose!

Can you see that it actually worth the wait.
It surely is!


The onus thereafter lies on you- as the sister- to be prepared and well ready for that wonderfully prepared partner.

After you have prayed and the Lord says, “my daughter wait” – Just obey!

God is pruning or enriching the brother on his end – and also working on you.

However long it takes, whatever transpire during the waiting time, just make sure your words and actions are positively inclined and mixed with faith.

Please don’t because of rush, impatience, envy, competition, go for a fake or substandard product, the real and genuine one is almost here.

You have need of patience…and faith!




waiting time…preparing time

waiting time…praying time and when i mean praying, i mean prayers not game playing.

waiting time NOT worrying time.

People testify (spinsters and bachelors), thanking God they waited. You will too!


can you say you’re rich?

hello dear Mr rich, Mrs rich, Miss rich!All those sacrifices and selfless contributions to kingdom business is yielding interest and being stored per time. They cannot go down the drain.

hello dear Mr rich, Mrs rich, Miss rich!



did i hear you say, “i am not rich?”

Maybe you are, even though you think you are not.

Dictionary/google definition of wealth says abundance of valuable possession or money. Even though the  money could be in raw cash, saved in bank or right in your pocket, you are still rich by wordly standard.

But, bible definition of riches/wealth is not about what is in the account or what you are worth or what you have invested. Rather, it is what you can store up their in heaven, where moth nor rust can destroy.

so, if you have no money in your account but you can stand in the gap interceeding for someone in prayers…my dear you have a valuable possession stored for you.

your cups of cold water given in Jesus name..

the school fees of a kid you pay

the basket of cloth you pass across to that person

piles of  textbooks you shared/handed over to a colleague or junior colleaugue are all adding up step by step day by day.

using your gifts, trading your talent, birthing a baby and nurturing that child in the way of the Lord is a big time investment that will surely bring reward.

All those sacrifices and selfless contributions to kingdom business is yielding interest and being stored per time. They cannot go down the drain.

Don’t only thrive to be a rich business tycoon, also store up treasures above.




keep trading!

keep stocking!

keep piling them up!

you will receive the reward if you faint nor get wearied.



i believe you now agree that you are rich…not necessarily by worldly standard but by God’s own standard.


the LAW


Do you know that the 10 commandments were given to us for our good?

Let’s study together Exodus chapter 20.

  • The first and second commandment says you should have no other God before Him, you should not bow to or serve any graven image….now this is really, really to your  own advantage. You make the devil happy by not serving God. It has been the devil’s plan right from inception, he has always wanted people to serve him instead of God. Remember the scenario at the garden of Eden…remember how devil tempted Jesus back then.So what good are you doing yourself by making the devil and those small demons happy? Why should you waste your money and time making sacrifices that you’ll have to renew if you don’t want repercussions?


  • Third commandment; Thou shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. Don’t swear but accord reverence to the use of the name of the Lord. If the gods of thunder or lightning does not take with levity , swearing, emitting its punishment sternly in great rage of fury, then how much more the consequences, if the name of Jesus is being used in careless levity. Biko, don’t swear at all, either by heaven, earth or by His name.\
  • Fourth commandment; Keep the Sabbath day holy, which is now the day of the Lord, the day of rest. Please endeavour to rest from all your toils and labour of the week and get refreshed for the upcoming week. Saturday is just a day of rest from your work you still have to use the hours for personal things and most especially parties here and there. So use your Sunday to rest and rejuvenate yourselves.
  • Fifth commandment; Honour your parents and even elders. If it is not even in the commandments of God, it is our tradition. It’s a general belief and biblical that respect for elderly ones comes along with blessings especially our parents who have invested so much in us.
  • Sixth commandment; don’t kill. if you kill and after investigation, you are declared guilty as charged you will be killed too.
  • Seventh commandment; you know the end result of adultery? Sooner or later you will have a child out of wedlock or contract venereal diseases. Is that what you want?
  • Eighth commandment; don’t steal, because no matter how smart or tactful you are, you will eventually get caught and the shame and stigma that follows being called a thief is not worth disobeying the commandment.
  • Tenth commandment; don’t bear false witness and don’t covet thy neighbour’s belongings. The act of covetousness is corollary, if you do any of such it’s going to be done to you. What goes around surely comes around; whatever you sow you will reap.

Can you now agree with me that it is for our own good? God gave us these commandments so we could enjoy our lives.

In Matthew22:37-40, Jesus summarised the law into two;

  • Love the lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy might(First to fourth commandments)
  • Love your neighbour as yourself(fifth to tenth commandments)

So abide and walk by God’s principles so you enjoy your life here on earth and in heaven (you’ve got nothing to lose by being law abiding).

The GOOD NEWS is this, after these laws were given, Jesus was sent and he died for our sins, and He has given us the power to go and sin no more.

#No more struggle#

#no more falling and rising#

Now grace is much more better and greater than all our sins.





holy hill of the Lord

A church is a place of worship and

Also a collection of people worshipping.

Worship in this context means deep reverence accorded to God …note…in Spirit and in truth!

It is a place where you can commune with God. there is this feel of  warmth, brotherly and sisterly affection in a fellowship ( all things been equal). Back in the Old Testament their tabernacle was a place where they made sacrifice to atone for their sins so as to ensure a right relationship with God, though we can do that wherever we are even within the confines of our home.

Do you go to church? But before you respond, let me ask for what purpose? You might go to church for the same reason in which someone goes to disco hall. Yours might be just to show off your sexy, seductive wears; the most expensive clothing in your wardrobe or to model out the attire in vogue.

We find out that the church is becoming worldly and the world becoming ‘churchy’. For Christ’s sake, are birthdays, dinner party, wedding, funeral ceremony not sufficient for your show offs?  If God has blessed you indeed then let’s know it by the help you render to others. There are very few philanthropists that are Christians why can’t wealthy Christians be philanthropist?

Others might even go to church for another hullaballoo with the kingdom of Satan (drumming in hell, dance and jubilation in the church, cooking in hell: feasting, dining and wining in the church, sacrifice and chanting in the church, weeping and gnashing of teeth in  hell…). Jesus sent out the exchangers from the temple…the sight was just to irritating and repelling!!!

Nobody is saying you should go to church shabby or smelly, all am saying is, let the purpose for which everyone left house for church be a very good purpose with the right motive.

If you realize the church (building or the name) is the problem, of course you can exit the congregation but if you (your heart) is the problem then you have to repent and make your heart habitable for God.

They that worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth. The next time you go to your church, ascertain yourself and the atmosphere in which you all are worshipping.


#hallowed be thy name oh Lord#

#Abba Father, accept our worship#

one million dollar question!!!

I’ll really love you to ask yourself these questions…

Let’s say a wrong doing or act is not punishable by law or by God , would you have  kept away or indulged in those acts?

What if our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, gave the time of His coming -and by prediction and calculation- it’s not anytime soon, would you behave differently? Would you have lived as a true Christian? forgiving offences, giving to the needy, living holy…just to mention a few!

Or maybe before coming to this world, you were given opportunity to chose your period of sojourn on earth and you were approved and  destined to live for a hundred years before death, will you have lived carefully, or would you hve felt there was no need/reason to be prayerful, watchful and vigilant? or will you do as you please, ‘after all, no one, nothing can kill me’…hmmmm

If you have all the riches, fame, beauty and connection like Bill Gates, Obama, president Trump and others, would you have been advicea-able, correct-able and even satiable. because some people are only serving and doing His will simply because they want something from Him

Many seek Him because they want a spouse, certificate, visa, job, provision, acommodation and so on. whereas it should be – seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto thee.

Your answer to the above question will show if you are living this life in vanity or hypocritically ’cause God knows why you are serving and doing His will. moreover, he prefers serious relationship now while on earth.

You remember the garden of Eden experience? He wants you to have that garden experience even now while on earth not until after death or rapture.

Lemme bring to your remembrance a line in ‘Our Lord’s prayer”…thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

live a blessed life cause every second, minute and day counts! do get yurself a brand new orientation and attitude such that you seek Him, the CREATOR more THAN the created.

#  so, help me God#


Don’t resign to fate yet!

Not everyone does something and get the required result immediately. not everybody achieve their aim the first time. That you have attempted once , twice or even over and over again doesn’t mean that is your fate. nah ! naah! don’t resign to fate! It is just to early to give up, this article might just be the one that will motivate you to give another trial and boom…you are there!



Sometime ago, I was returning home after a short outing and I saw lighted bulb in/around people’s compound and I was like, whao, there is light! even before getting home I had already lined out several things I will do with the light. With high morale, I dashed into the house as soon as my hubby drove in and parked into our compound.

aha-these people have taken their light. oooh…aaah…I muttered beneath my breath. In dissapointment I went to lay my back thinking of other options when suddenly the light came on.

“Thank God…the light has been restored”, I exclaimed! It was my thanksgiving that my husband heard and he replied, “no, it was not taken in the first instant, I only switched over from generator to NEPA”.

Hun-un! really?




I stood at the spot and played back the scene in my mind. Okayyyy, when we were about to set out, the last thing we did was to put off the generator but no one remembered to switch over and that was why despite the fact that I saw light in other places, we didn’t have.

So the fault is from us not from NEPA. Now I get it. but the Holy Spirit ministeed more to me. hmmmm

How many times have you seen others making and acheiving their aim but instead of asking yourselves why? what? How and where have I missed it? we were instead trading the blame game …pointing accusing fingers to someone somewhere.

Now, not anymore! It is time to look inwards  and try again.

Even mobile network will say try again later!


Yea, switch over! switch off!! switch on!!! ensure you do it again, do not like me accept that there is no light when there is.

Be it relationship, career, project, miracle, healing etc…don’t resign to fate. Give it another trial.

While you wait and during the phase where you keep trying…do not get tired of prayer and praises.

If after praying you can’t seem to shut the mouth of lions, praises will sure break chains and open prison door but if not, then be silent and patiently wait in faith not in worry or anxiety, you will surely see the SON OF GOD in that fire— Rachel Ogunsanwo