God has a plan for us all, beautiful, beautiful plans He has, mapped out for us! But wait o, hope you know this? Do you care to know? Do you even seek to know the plan your Creator has for you? or are you part of the number …I mean those that feel they were just created mistakenly or ‘routinely’?



This is me, small me, with so much testimonies in my heart, head and mouth, on how far God has brought me. I simply let go, and God took the wheels from me. Halleluyah!!!

You may not have an idea of what it is(God’s beautiful plan for you) because you can’t see it with your physical eyes. Even if you get an ophthalmologist who recommend you glasses either for short sightedness, long sightedness or even biconcave, you still cannot see far beyond your nose, it is beyond the ordinary eyes, wisdom or imaginations. The good newsis that, it is even not determinant on your past or present circumstances.



Take a look at it this way, in the last few years; did you know this is where you will be? I did not know! I dreamt, wished, planned, prayed but God brought out His plan for me which I keyed into.

Perhaps things happened as planned but certainly not in the exact way you had wanted them to be; this is evident that God who is overruling and a grand master planner can do much better since He is in charge and has it all mapped out. If you allow God He can replace your own myopic plans with His, but if not, trust me, you aren’t going to be fulfilled in life.



So, let God have full control of the affairs of your life because it is only how far you allow God that He will go.

Will you allow Him Completely?


I want us to remember and take time to ponder on the real life story of Joseph, Esther, Moses and many more, there was a plan for them and thank God they made it. So, as for me Rachel, He’s brought me this far and am pretty sure He’s also gonna take me all the way.



“For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

Jeremiah 29:19




We have a father…Almighty father




I have seen the struggle and various attempt made by my son to get back something from his sister. As soon as she snatches or collects his toy(s), she runs off, laughs and get excited turning his pain into entertainment.

At such times, I use my veto power as their mum to collect my son’s toy from his elder sister and in such situations, she has no choice than to release the object causing the fight. Infact, I don’t have to run around or struggle like my son will do, all I simply have to do is to talk, warn or wave my hands at her and she obeys.

hummm! authority of a mother! #you can say that again#



Often times we struggle, groan and try all we can just to keep our heads up…and to sail through life’s difficulty and challenges. The struggle is quite understandable but do we really need to do it all alone? Allowing all the failed attempt despite the struggles, to weigh you down?

Not really?  You do not have to be…reason…simply because you have a father…almighty Father!!!

He is ready, able and willing to fight our life’s battle.

He can shut the devil up and  retrieve our possessions for us.

The scenario above gave me deeper understanding of the father/child relationship with God. With mum in the picture, an elder sibling can’t bully or ride a younger sibling. The same way, GOD IS OUR ADVOCATE, OUR ROCK OUR SHIELD OUR FORTRESS.


One song says…stand still and know that He is God, there’s no need to fear, for the battle is not yours, the battle is the Lord’s.

anything weighing you down? anything threatening your comfort or peace? call in God-THE ALMIGHTY FATHER into the case, HE will sure deliver and vindicate you.


#what motherhood has taught me series#



 …And God created heaven and earth and all that is therein … and everything was good.

I have seen God’s awesomeness, His uniqueness and His generosity. Look around you will see God.wanna ask, amidst your day to day activity, do you miss out on God’s creativity? please look again, because in everything, I see God and His works.




I go into villages and appreciate God for the urban areas and when I get back to the city I appreciate Him for keeping those in the rural areas despite the level of their development. Let me give you an illustration. When thirsty, you opt for bottled water or manage-ably sachet water but in the village they take well water and in some extreme cases water from streams and rivers and most of them escape typhoid or cholera. God has made their own immunity unique for their own situation.

We’ve got different class of food, for carbohydrates, you’ve got rice, yam, maize and processed ones like bread and snacks and class of protein; beans, fish, meat, crayfish, snail, bush meat, groundnut. We are also privileged to have fruits and leaves to make soup. Interestingly also, we have body building, energy giving, anti-oxidant, medicinal and foodstuffs to make wonderful delicacies. God has provided varieties so we don’t complain like the children of Israel of monotonous diet. God provided all these and yet didn’t miss out any. Have you been in a situation where you had all cooking ingredients at home but you realized there was no gas, kerosene or even matches to light your cooker? You might even have all but if there was no salt to make it tasty, your effort is wasted…can you see God in that? Trust God, He left nothing out; even in minute details of our lives. Have you ever complained of back pain due to fetching from a well? What about the reverse, you get to a well during dry season and you couldn’t fetch water or even open a tap and you couldn’t fetch because according to the plumber, ‘this and that’ is spoilt in the engine.

Can you now realize and accept that God made adequate provision for us? What about farmers, they plant only a handful and at the end of planting season their barns and storehouses are filled. The same way, mating between male and female animals, (cock and hen, goat and buck, dog and bitch etc) result in conception and after a specified gestation period they obey a divine timing, gather rags or debris together, make a labour room for themselves and give birth thereby replenishing the earth with their kind…Halleluyah!!!

“Behold the fowls of the air: for the sow not neither do they reap, nor gather into barns: yet your heavenly father feedeth them. Are ye not much more better than they? “ Matthew 6:26 God is so generous; He gives us food, water, shelter, clothing, sunshine, rainfall and lots more.

Please if you have been complaining or ungrateful, STOP! THINK!! AND APOLOGISE!!! Begin to appreciate the things God has done for the human race. Don’t let an hour go without you seeing and appreciating the wonders of God’s creation. God is everywhere and in everything.

Since you value it, be proactive!!!

The high sounding sonorous voice of these duo brought me out of sleep…

On a fateful weekend after experiencing sleepless night due to prayer and breastfeeding vigil, I decided to catch some sleep before I began the day’s activity.

Se e r’ata? Good morning, will you buy pepper, vegetable,okro…? on and on he sang, reciting everything he has for sale.

After almost five minutes ,my husband told him apologetically…thanks boy, we don’t need pepper today!

Ooops, I muttered relief and slept back.

But before I drifted back to sleep, I got a food for thought from that short scenario…

So, because you need nothing today that’s why you can’t answer abi? If you needed something, won’t you have jumped out of bed irrespective of how sleepy you were?


I can remember how long I urged him to give me a contact such that I can give them a call when am i need to buy something from them.

Infact on few ocassions I have had to preinform another neighbour to direct them to me incase she  sees them before I do….(extra effort ‘cos I needed something)

I have delayed/postponed a certain meal before,  just because am expecting Sikiru and Suliat to come around.

Of a truth, they have been useful for my emergency or backup plan…on such ocassion, I have gone the extra mile to get what I wanted.

That response of mine that weekend was because nothing was at stake , if not, I would have jumped out of bed.

Summarily, we should always reach out for our goal and all the things that will make us achieve them.

Be it physical, marital, career, academic, financial and most especially spiritual goals.

We should go the extra mile!

We all know that someone who is in search of job will keep applying and reapplying, dropping CV here and there…cos you need a source of income

The same reasons why someone that wanna chat or call will recharge his phone

And someone who is expecting result to a particular exam or interview will also keep checking their website…hoping for a goodnews!

As an undergraduate, when I didn’t even know I was going to be a writer, I set apart a certain amount every time I got my pocket money, and use it to buy books—-and I also create time to read and praticalize what I gain (investment)

Conclusively, let us change and improve on our reading habit.

Let’s go the extramile

Let search, read, study materials and information (not gist, comedy, fake news, debates/argument alone).

Our response and action to good/great stuffs henceforth should be proactive and enthusiastic.

Even though I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that it was said …if you really do wanna hide something from Nigerians, put into a book and you will succeed in hiding from them simply because they don’t read.

When you recognise the value in something, without excuse or procastination, go for it!

Rachel Ogunsanwo

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Rachel Ogunsanwo