Since you value it, be proactive!!!

The high sounding sonorous voice of these duo brought me out of sleep…

On a fateful weekend after experiencing sleepless night due to prayer and breastfeeding vigil, I decided to catch some sleep before I began the day’s activity.

Se e r’ata? Good morning, will you buy pepper, vegetable,okro…? on and on he sang, reciting everything he has for sale.

After almost five minutes ,my husband told him apologetically…thanks boy, we don’t need pepper today!

Ooops, I muttered relief and slept back.

But before I drifted back to sleep, I got a food for thought from that short scenario…

So, because you need nothing today that’s why you can’t answer abi? If you needed something, won’t you have jumped out of bed irrespective of how sleepy you were?


I can remember how long I urged him to give me a contact such that I can give them a call when am i need to buy something from them.

Infact on few ocassions I have had to preinform another neighbour to direct them to me incase she  sees them before I do….(extra effort ‘cos I needed something)

I have delayed/postponed a certain meal before,  just because am expecting Sikiru and Suliat to come around.

Of a truth, they have been useful for my emergency or backup plan…on such ocassion, I have gone the extra mile to get what I wanted.

That response of mine that weekend was because nothing was at stake , if not, I would have jumped out of bed.

Summarily, we should always reach out for our goal and all the things that will make us achieve them.

Be it physical, marital, career, academic, financial and most especially spiritual goals.

We should go the extra mile!

We all know that someone who is in search of job will keep applying and reapplying, dropping CV here and there…cos you need a source of income

The same reasons why someone that wanna chat or call will recharge his phone

And someone who is expecting result to a particular exam or interview will also keep checking their website…hoping for a goodnews!

As an undergraduate, when I didn’t even know I was going to be a writer, I set apart a certain amount every time I got my pocket money, and use it to buy books—-and I also create time to read and praticalize what I gain (investment)

Conclusively, let us change and improve on our reading habit.

Let’s go the extramile

Let search, read, study materials and information (not gist, comedy, fake news, debates/argument alone).

Our response and action to good/great stuffs henceforth should be proactive and enthusiastic.

Even though I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that it was said …if you really do wanna hide something from Nigerians, put into a book and you will succeed in hiding from them simply because they don’t read.

When you recognise the value in something, without excuse or procastination, go for it!

Rachel Ogunsanwo


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Rachel Ogunsanwo