He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.


God is good. We are serving a living God. He has wonderful, beautiful plan for all his children. He promised that “NO ONE WILL LACK A MATE” and His words are yea and Amen.

Over a period of three years, I have been giving people prayer request after each counselling period. But recently, I felt led to compile and post here on my blog.

Of a truth, people pray but do they pray right? If they do, do they persist in such prayers. If they persist, do they pray in faith?

These and many questions are what you should ask yourself. So that after this prayer, you will get your miracle.

Those that have used one or more of these prayer requests have given me their testimonies. To the glory of God, latest had been a year after my counselling session with them.Trust Him, trust His word.

Beloved, Keep praying, keep trusting!

Rachel Ogunsanwo



Bless the name of the Lord…worship Him in the beauty of His holiness. He kept you this long seeing you through different stages of your life up till a marriageable age. He is worthy to be praised.

Here am I lord…search me dear Lord and see if there be any wicked way in me. purge me from any wicked or bad behaviour that can disqualify me from getting a genuine child of God as a helpmeet.

I ask for your wisdom dear lord regarding marital decisions. I don’t want to act amiss. I don’t want to trust in my own understanding. I trust in your choice for me- that is why I am committing my marriage into your hands now.

Work in me o lord…work in my partner so as to be compatible. I want a relationship filled with love, joy and understanding of each other. Where there will be trust, submission and mutual respect.

I pray and desire for a partner that has the fear of God…love God and the things of God. I reject a pretender/backslider/agent from the pit of hell from engaging me

I reject every time waster, destiny destroyer from my path in Jesus name.

Let my union be a purposeful and fruitful to the glory of your name.





Appreciate the Lord for making you a woman/man.

Search my heart o lord…and forgive me whatever sin, ways in which I have lusted after …….(insert his name) or  loved this guy/lady more than you my Lord and my God.

O Lord my father, I hand over completely every area of my life most especially marriage/relationship matters. I don’t want to deceive myself, waste my time or end up disappointed.

I know of myself I can do nothing. So, lord, with regards this love matter, I know I am gonna fumble using my own wisdom, that is why I am trusting you to lead me right.

Remove the lust/crush/infatuation/lust that I have in my heart for ………………..(insert his/her name). I want to be free from the web of lust consciously and subconsciously.

Lord, remove the seed and root of lust from my heart…let my heart be free from lusting after him.

Lord help me, that I may distant myself from time wasters, destiny hijackers and all relationship fraudsters!

Lord please at the right/ripe/due time connect and divinely place within me deep and sincere love and vice versa for my life partner.





After serious and deep thanksgiving that connects you to the throne of mercy you can then begin your prayer (you can as well sing this song as many times until you connect to God).

Tell God to teach your spirit man to pray. Ask God to strengthen your mortal body to pray. Tell him to hearken to your cries and pleas.

Lord lead me to my second half and connect him/her to me. Bring me close to my destiny partner and help meet and keep me far from every destiny truncator.

Lord remove every evil covering from me, anything hoarding me and hindering your son/daughter to see me, propose or accept my proposal. Let your blood that washes white as snow make me clean.

I rebuke every form of fear or irritation that is making him scared of proposing or going to the altar with me…or that is making her delay in accepting my proposal in Jesus name.

Let the fire from heaven descend and consume and destroy every generational curse delaying and denying me of marital joy or fulfillment.

Lord sharpen my spiritual antenna to know when you are leading me. Open my spiritual eyes, let me recognize him/her. Open my heart so as to love him/her.

I ask for grace to overcome every evil trap and bait. I come against every form of marital confusion. I decree and declare that your grace, mercy, favour will speak for me on this matter.















Thank the Lord for leading you into this relationship. Bless His holy name for leading you to the bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh, destiny partner and better half.

Thank God for how far He has helped you and how far he will take you in your courtship.

Commit your journey into God’s hand, trust also in Him and He shall bring to pass great things. As both of you contribute towards the success of the marriage, God Himself will give the increase

Pray that God will make you chase ten thousand…spiritually, physically, financially. Your union shall give more than double output.

O lord the revealer of secrets… open my ears, eyes, heart to detect any pretence before I proceed to the altar.

In our union, lord we call on you to be our Saviour, Provider, Healer, Succour, Teacher our ALL IN ALL

Provide for our wedding. Our attire, feeding and all other necessities we need to put in place for thewedding ceremony and the marriage.

Father Lord, protect us and all family members before, during and after our wedding ceremony from every evil arrow. Deliver us from evil.








God has a plan for us all, beautiful, beautiful plans He has, mapped out for us! But wait o, hope you know this? Do you care to know? Do you even seek to know the plan your Creator has for you? or are you part of the number …I mean those that feel they were just created mistakenly or ‘routinely’?



This is me, small me, with so much testimonies in my heart, head and mouth, on how far God has brought me. I simply let go, and God took the wheels from me. Halleluyah!!!

You may not have an idea of what it is(God’s beautiful plan for you) because you can’t see it with your physical eyes. Even if you get an ophthalmologist who recommend you glasses either for short sightedness, long sightedness or even biconcave, you still cannot see far beyond your nose, it is beyond the ordinary eyes, wisdom or imaginations. The good newsis that, it is even not determinant on your past or present circumstances.



Take a look at it this way, in the last few years; did you know this is where you will be? I did not know! I dreamt, wished, planned, prayed but God brought out His plan for me which I keyed into.

Perhaps things happened as planned but certainly not in the exact way you had wanted them to be; this is evident that God who is overruling and a grand master planner can do much better since He is in charge and has it all mapped out. If you allow God He can replace your own myopic plans with His, but if not, trust me, you aren’t going to be fulfilled in life.



So, let God have full control of the affairs of your life because it is only how far you allow God that He will go.

Will you allow Him Completely?


I want us to remember and take time to ponder on the real life story of Joseph, Esther, Moses and many more, there was a plan for them and thank God they made it. So, as for me Rachel, He’s brought me this far and am pretty sure He’s also gonna take me all the way.



“For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

Jeremiah 29:19